American Slip Meter 825A

The latest version of the world’s most compact and affordable slip meter! An everyday tool for monitoring floor safety and maintenance. Designed for portability and for field use.


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The ASM 825A is an improved version of the 825 and is a proven tribometer / slip meter used to determine if a floor or walkway is safe according to ASTM, ADA and other standards. Many types and designs of slip meters or friction measuring devices have been developed in the past. Most are bulky, cumbersome designs and have limitations or restrictions, i.e. wet testing with repeatability. Few are intended for actual use in field testing, but rather are designed for lab testing.

But slip and fall prevention requires a real-world solution. One that you can take with you to your facility and test under actual-use conditions.
The advanced digital slip meter performs static coefficient of friction (COF) testing. Updated electronics improve accuracy and repeatability on wet testing. The meter is calibrated for wet testing on the NFSI test tile. The ASM 825A meter ranks the ASTM F2508 4 tile set in order with the required statistical difference.

Need one that costs less? Try for one of our gently used units. Sturdy with a digital display, use it to test wet or dry floors and instantly measure the coefficient of friction (slipperiness) of your floors. Limited quantity in stock. Order yours today. Also available for rental.

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