We accept PO Fee ground shipping SlipDoctors™ slip resistant accessories are designed to apply our products on multiple types of surfaces. They are inexpensive and easy to use. All accessories are manufactured in the United States and developed by top chemists in their fields.

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Roller for Tuff Grip

SlipDoctors Textured Rollers
For Tuff Grip

Recommended roller for use with Tuff Grip and Tuff Grip Extreme. This roller gives a highly textured finish that can increase traction on the applied surface. For coverage areas over 100 square feet, purchasing multiple rollers is recommended. Use only with recommended products.

  • Blue 9" Foam Roller Tuff Grip Clear - $10



SlipDoctors 3/8" Nap Rollers
For Dura Grip, Floor Grip & Deck-o-Grip

Recommended roller for use with Dura Grip, Floor Grip and Deck Grip. This 3/8" nap roller allows for smooth, even application and superior coverage. Roller measures 9" and is available in singles or a convenient 3 pack.

  • 3 pack - $12



SlipDoctors Applicator
For Stone Grip

The ideal tool for applying SlipDoctors Stone Grip. Stone Grip applicator attaches to standard mop handle and helps with even and thorough application of our exclusive micro-treading treatment. Can be reused multiple times after thoroughly rinsing with clean water. Refills available.

  • Refill - $8



SlipDoctors Lambswool Applicator
For Polish Grip

Recommended for use with our Polish Grip penetrating sealer for highly polished or glazed tiles. This applicator allows Polish Grip to be evenly applied to the surface and can effectively remove excess solution after treatment. Helps to maintain the natural appearance of the tile. Refills available.

  • Refill - $10



SlipDoctors Primer
Fast Drying Primer For Tuff Grip & Dura Grip

SlipDoctors Primer is designed to prepare surfaces prior to application of our DuraGrip and Tuff Grip products. For all surfaces, use on interior and exterior surfaces without sanding. Can be used with both water-based and solvent-based paints.

400 Sq Ft per Gallon



SlipDoctors Crosslinker
For Faster Dry Times

SlipDoctors Crosslinker is designed to be used with our Tuff Grip anti-slip coating to create a high-performance anti-slip coating with fast dry times. Mix one pint of Crosslinker with one gallon of SlipDoctors Tuff Grip. Once mixed and applied, product will dry to a hard, durable surface within 4-6 hours while maintaining color with maximum slip resistance, chemical resistance and flexibility. Mixture can be used to treat both interior and exterior applications on metal, wood, farm machinery and trailers where a high-perforance paint coating is desired.



Bonding Agent

Our Bonding Agent is a bonding agent exclusively designed to maximize the bonding of coatings and paints for those hard-to-coat substrates. It can be used in oil-modified, urethanes, waterborne urethanes, moisture-cure urethanes, acid-cure coatings, UV curable coatings, epoxies, acrylic sealers, stains and paints.

  • 8 oz Treats 4 Gallons of Product
  • 2 oz Treats 1 Gallon of Product


Stir Rod

SlipDoctors Paint Mixer
For Tuff Grip & Dura Grip

Designed for mixing and stirring SlipDoctors coatings. Paint Mixer attaches to a standard electric drill to provide fast and efficient mixing that eliminates uneven stirring. Especially useful when mixing thick coatings such as our Dura Grip, Tuff Grip, and Tuff Grip Extreme.


Edge Fix

SlipDoctors Stair Tread Edge Fix
For Non Slip Tape

Edge Fix ( 4.73 fl oz) helps to preserve good adhesion of our stair treads and safety tape rolls. Used after application to apply a thin bead of sealer along edge of our adhesives where they meet the surface. Creates an invisible barrier to prevent moisture and dirt intrusion that may affect durability. Easy to apply and dries quickly. Recommended for inside use.



Dual Tool Mopping Aid Kit
Purple and Blue Pads

SlipDoctors' unique all-in-one cleaning tool. Kit includes one mop handle, a microfiber looped end mop head attachment, and two scrubbing pad attachments: purple (for aggressive deep cleaning) or blue (less abrasive for cleaning polished surfaces). A great cleaning tool to use when preparing surfaces for treatment of SlipDoctors anti-slip products. Recommended to be used with Maintain Grip after Stone Grip application. Mop head and cleaning pad refills available.

  • Refill Blue Pad - $12
  • Refill Purple Pad - $12