Professional Installations for Anti Slip Treatment
Before Bathtub Treatment After Bathtub Treatment Over 1,000,000 Bathtub Treated since 2010!

SlipDoctors and our partners have been used at hundreds of locations and relied on by all major hotel chains for over 20 years to prevent slip and falls. Testimonial 1

SlipDoctors Exclusive Methods
  • Paint Free Restoration and anti-slip treatment - Best Improvement in COF!
  • This process includes us restoring the tubs to a like new condition without using any harsh chemicals or acids. The anti-slip treatment raises the natural SCOF by utilizing our slip-doctor product! This process works well on most tubs in the market. Odor Free and ready to use for immediate use. 50-250 units per day.
  • Ultra Armor Roll In Bottom Coating - Now availiable in clear!
  • Is simply a low cost solution for tubs that are beyond restoration and need either an aesthetic improvement while providing an effective non-skid coating in the bottom of the tubs. Custom color matched, Odor Free, Ready to use within 5 hours, 25-75 units per day.
  • Premier Bottom Coating "PBC" - Exlusive to the Industry!
  • This is by far our most popular solution. This provides the same non-skid coating we use in our Ultra Armor Bottom Coating, but we take it a step further to blend in the edges into the sidewall of the tubs for a beautiful, seamless finish that incorporate the drains (where 90% of appearance issues in tubs are found). Custom Color Matched, Odor Free, Shower ready within 5 hours 25-50 units per day.
  • Complete Bathtub Refinish - Certified Technical Teams Only
  • This is your typical complete bathtub refinish. This process includes all room/tub prep, surface prep, application of primer coats and top coats. This is most definitely a cover all and will leave any tubs looks brand new and beautiful. Includes R&R caulking. Room needs to be out overnight. 5-15 units per day. Thousands of review and testimonials!
    Preferred Vendor on many National Brands!

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