Porcelain Bathtub or Tile Shower - Treatment Kit

If you have slick tile you MUST have this product. We used it in our walk-in master shower. I was very skeptical. How could putting on this liquid make my shower safe? It works. It is amazing. A great product. A must have. - Aug 3, 2013 By Jane (Houston, TX).

Excellent product! Worked as advertised. Glad I bought two for my other bathtub. Had a quick question and the rep was very helpful. I'm sold! - Jul 5, 2013

The previous owners put wall tile on the floor of the shower. The no slip appliqués wouldn't even stick. It was a really dangerous situation, so when I found this, I decided to try it. When it arrived, I was a little disappointed. Just that tiny little bottle? However, I applied it per the directions, and was totally amazed! The tiles aren't scratchy, but feel kind of squeaky - no more slip. Easy, affordable, effective. What more can you want from a product? - Jun 26, 2013 By B. Sullivan

I wish I would have found this sooner. This stuff works great in the tub. After trying many different bath mats that were more work than they are worth. No matter what kind of mat I would try they all would all slide and were a lot of work to keep clean. This product is wonderful no SLIPPING or extra cleaning! If you need to make a surface non-slip this is the product to use. - Jun 22, 2013 by W. Doe

I have one of those flat-floor, large all-tile showers.. it was so slippery I was afraid for my life. Went through two rubber mats with suction cups and some stick on rough strips.. all worthless... so I used this and you know what? It really does the trick. The result is a surface that looks and almost feels the same as before but once you stand on it when wet you can tell its not slippery anymore. IT WORKS! - Jun 22, 2013

This product is magic. It really works and application is SSOOO easy. Our shower tile was very slippery and after this easy application it became instantly non slip and safe. Buy it with confidence because it works!! No, the manufacturer didn't pay me to say this... Jun 6, 2013

Bought this product 2 years ago and used it at a summer home. After two years of use it's still hard to believe how well it works, even with soapy, slippery feet, the grip on the tub bottom is firm and safe. I just bought a second package to send to a relative. Apr 18, 2013

Well priced. Fast delivery. Amazing product.- Apr 7, 2013

A++ product. Used it on my tile shower, took approximately 30 minutes (left product on a little longer than suggested) and my shower was non slippery! I LOVE this product! - Apr 1, 2013

Our shower was oftentimes slippery from soaps and conditioners. We did not want a mat so thought we would try this. It is about a 4 oz bottle and comes with a little sponge type applicator and a plastic glove. Your tub MUST be porcelain, it will probably damage fiberglass. First you clean your tub, we used soft scrub. Then rinse fully and fully dry. It is suggested you remove the drain strainer, that is a simple screw that takes 1 min only. You pour in the liquid which is a slight green color (but turns colorless later) and use the supplied pad to move it around the bottom of the tub with your glove on. Once it is even distributed, you wait 4-8 minutes, I waited the full 8 and then rinse fully, I just let the shower run for 10 minute and sprayed the sides some. The next day, our shower was slip free, it was amazing. There is a slight tackiness but not stickiness and a good feel to it that feel secure on your wet feet in the shower. I only hope this lasts a long time, that is my concern, but even if I had to re-do it annually, it would be worth it. A good value so far and much better then a mat. - Mar 25, 2013

I cannot even start to tell you how thrilled and satisfied I am with my experience with SlipDoctors!!

Now, both my grandparents and I don't have to worry about them slipping on the rubber mats and tub strips (that are NOT secure...regardless of advertising). We are all very pleased with the results that SlipDoctors has given. - Feb 20, 2013
If you are seeking an anti-slip solution for your porcelain tub, this is by far the best solution I can recommend! Take a kitchen magnet, if it sticks to your tub then you have a porcelain tub - this product is suitable.
The box includes:
2 small bottles of green solution (seems to be a caustic - smells like Nair hair remover); 1 green scrubby like a 3M scotch pad (actually in my box it was the real deal); 1 glove - if you have latex sensitivity you may want to invest in a box of latex free surgical gloves.; 1 magnet sticker (Ours was too weak to stick to the porcelain tub - if yours fails to stick, try a kitchen magnet)
Instruction card.

This was sooo simple to use! Just in case this did NOT work and I would need to replace the former vinyl strips, I only pealed off the remainder of the adhesive tub strips (4 pkgs in 2 years) in half our tub, thoroughly cleaned the tub with scrubbing bubbles and scrubbed with a different 3M green scrubby (I could have used the same one.. did not realize it at the time), rinsed well then allowed to dry. I prepped my chemicals and supplies, then set a kitchen timer for 15 minutes (they say 4 to 8 minutes, I allowed longer time due to the critical nature for our household). When dried I "dripped" the green solution onto the tub, not allowing it to run anywhere (keep off metal such as the drain!) I then used the scrubby and made circular scrubbing patterns with the scrubby, lazily, as I made sure all the treated surfaces remained damp for the duration. I only used 1/3 of 1 bottle for this treatment on half the tub. After the timer alarmed, I rinsed the tub down and tested the wet tub with bare feet. PERFECT! The treated half was NOT slippery, the untreated half was VERY slippery in between the remainder of the tub strips! Obviously I peeled off the remainder, followed the steps above, and retreated the ENTIRE tub with the remaining 2/3rds of the first bottle. This package contains enough chemicals to treat one tub twice (if desired), or two tubs.
My husband has mobility issues stemming from inner ear vestibular issues, neuropathy and partial paralysis - a deadly combination when it comes to slick surfaces. The Slip Doctor tub treatment will likely save us a trip to the Hip Doctor!