Popular Testing Pricing:

Independent DCOF Testing with Report
ANSI A137.1 - $179

ANSI A326.3 - $179 (Requires 3 samples)

ANSI B101.3 - $179

Independent SCOF Testing with Report
ASTM C1028-07 - $279

ANSI B101.1 - $179

RUSH FEE - $79 (one business day)

Please email us at orders@slipdoctors.com once you have completed your payment. Mail in a sample material at least 6" in length for testing. If the sample is to be returned please provide us with a return shipping label or additional charges.

Mailing address:
SlipDoctors Testing
2101 Midway Rd Suite 350
Carrollton, TX 75006

Slip Testing Needed?

Floor Tester Approved
  • Slip and fall analysis and reporting
  • Slip resistance testing
  • SCOF - Static Coefficient of Friction
    DCOF - Dynamic Coefficient of Friction
    Slip Index and many other options
  • Premises liability inspections
  • Sidewalk Tripping Hazards
  • Tripping Hazard Analysis
  • Accident Reconstructions/Investigation
  • Stairway and ramp analysis
  • Lighting measurement and analysis
  • Defect analysis
  • ANSI A137.1 / B101.3 / B101.1
  • ASTM C1028

All of our employees and associates are formally trained in Floor Safety. We serve on many Floor Safety Committees including NFSI / ANSI B101 and ASTM F13 and various other research projects.

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We also offer defendant or plaintiff litigation, attorneys will strengthen their slip and fall cases with our help. Litigation support demands much more than a lay person trained to use walkway safety auditing equipment. You need a licensed professional who serves as a slip and fall expert and provides reports that clarify and promote the jurys understanding of the facts.
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Certify Your Flooring For Free!

Want to know the friction level on your new slip-resistant floor? Send us your tile! For only $179 we will perform a coefficient of friciton test on your new slip resistant floor using our BOT-3000E device or other preferred device and we will email you the results! All orders over $250 qualify for one FREE test. Send your tile to our corporate address.